Carlsbad Business Journal Feb 2013

Carlsbad Business Journal - February 2013

In Business and In Love - Chamber members share their secrets to working together.

Every day is Valentine ’s Day for me and Joy.  Considering we’ve worked together in our small office since 1987, that’s a lucky break for both of us.  It helps that we love each other to pieces, and still act like silly kids when no one’s watching.  It also helps that we have the same attitude towards the basics – everything shipshape at work and at home.  A sense of humor on both sides keeps us laughing.  And we yin and yang on and off the job.  At home, Joy’s the chef and decorator, while Stan’s the handyman.   At work, Joy’s the manager and chief financial officer, while Stan does the law.  We’re only fifteen feet apart at the office, but some days we don’t manage to talk to each other much.  If so, “I missed you today,” often comes out when we get home.  We just like each other’s company!


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        "Thank you Stan. I never thought I would need legal assistance. When I did I called three of the top San Diego lawyers and made appointments. Stan was my first appointment. After our meeting, I knew I had found the perfect representation and cancelled the other two appointments. Professionalism, honesty, integrity and I could go on and on describing my experience with Stan and the Law Office staff. He truly protected my interests and empowered me along the way. I highly recommend the Law Offices of Stanley D. Prowse".

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