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Ending a marriage by divorce is one of the most difficult changes you will encounter in life. Not only are you splitting up emotionally but you will also need to make decisions over the division of property and in some cases personal and cherished possessions. If you have children you will need to face the difficulties of child custody and child support. Will the custody of your children be shared by both parents? If you do decide on joint custody where will your children live, or what type of timeshare arrangement will work best for all parties involved? Our approach at The Law Office of Stan Prowse is to focus on the most positive outcome for our clients. Our goal is to get you what you want while at the same time making your life better, not worse. We understand the you need a divorce attorney that will fight for you and negotiate hard on your behalf while placing a high regard on your feelings and desires during a difficult time. Our law office has extensive experience in handling both contested and uncontested divorce cases. If a collaborative approach between both spouses is possible we may be able to consider divorce mediation or a flat fee divorce arrangement. 

  I am a Family Law Attorney, which means I have detailed knowledge of all aspects of the Family Code and have devoted a majority of my practice to the special needs of cases just like yours. Please have a look through our site while your here and don't forget to download "The 5 Most Important Things to do Before Your Divorce" I'll be good for you and I'll get you what you want. I'm betting you'll conclude that I'm not bragging.

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  Quotes You don’t want to hear your experienced divorce lawyer tell you ’This is a nightmare!’ However, Stanley Prowse was the most thoughtful, contemplative and kind attorney I have met with to date.

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