How to Incorporate Your Business

Why Incorporate? As you will see below there is more to incorporating as a business than operating as a sole proprietorship, but there are benefits that motivate many business to form an independent legal corporation.

Benefits of Incorporating:

Liability protection of Corporate Officers and Shareholders if all legal requirements are followed.
• Favorable tax structure for officers and shareholders comprised of compensation by Salaries and bonuses.
Corporations have a unlimited life of their own, not limited by the lifespan of officers or shareholders.
• Corporations have an ability to raise investment capital through the sales release of corporate shares.
• All of the individual owners' rights and privileges are represented by the shares of stock they hold.
• Ownership of corporate shares may be transferred easily by sale.

At the Law Office of Stan Prowse we consider it to be our responsibility to make sure that your new corporation follows all of the required incorporation steps to benefit from the full liability protection afforded to both the coporate officers and shareholders alike. Certain steps must all be enacted in the state of California when forming a corporation S, C or LLC "Limited Liability Company". 
We cover all of these in detail to provide you with confidence in your legal corporate entity. We have all of the necessary forms and documentation to establish the necessary requirements.

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Please fill out our Business Incorporation Form to get started.

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