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If you are facing a lawsuit or are certain the only appropriate course of action for your situation is by legal means, then you most certainly are facing some difficult decisions and most likely have suffered at least some loss of sleep. Though our current judicial system has been established for the protection of all citizens, justice often must be won as opposed to assumed as part of our legal rights. My job on behalf of my clients is to navigate the intrepid waters of the legal system and represent them as if they were directly related to me personally!  As a Civil Litigation Attorney,  i want my clients to win their lawsuits just as much as they do themselves.  Fighting for them is what I've been trained to do.  I've spent  over 30 years doing it, and I'm good at it.  There is no greater reward for me than a judgment in my client's favor.  I'm competitive, I like to be right and I like to come out on top.  It helps that I also like to be on stage.  Arguing to a  judge or jury is something I look forward to, rather than shrink from.  As a former historian, I also enjoy piecing together the story of who did what to whom.  It’s something like putting a jigsaw puzzle together or solving a mystery.  Finding the law that helps my client and hurts the other guy is part of that, and I go after it with dogged determination. Civil litigation covers lawsuits in all areas of civil law. For example: Family law includes prenuptial agreements, as well as divorce litigation.  Real Estate law includes creating legal lots, as well as suing someone for selling an illegal lot.  Business law includes incorporating a business, as well as a law suit between shareholders and directors over dividends.  And Construction law includes getting a contractor's license, as well as foreclosing a mechanics lien.  My practice includes civil litigation in all these areas of civil law.

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