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A husband has just announced he can't go on living with his wife any longer.  He's fallen in love with someone at work.  He's filng for divorce.  And by the way, he doesn't think his wife is much of a mother, so he wants sole custody.  He also claims the family business is his separate property, so his wife's supposedly up the creek on that one as well.  We could easily reverse roles and substitute wife for husband, and either one might be you.  It's a catastrophe either way, and you need a great lawyer.  You need a lawyer who will fight for you, negotiate hard for you, understand your feelings, believe in you, and treat you with respect and consideration.  He'd better be good at court, he'd better be aggressive, and he'd better know family law.  Impressive credentials and respect in the legal community would be a definite plus.  So would a mountain of experiance, some of it in other areas of the law.  And last but not least, he'd better be honest.  That covers a lot of ground.  Fighting is great when it will get you what you're entitled to and change you life for the better, but it's not so hot when it won't or it doesn't.  Your lawyer should not encourage unrealistic expectations, and he should know how to catch flies with honey when honey will work better than vinegar.  Lastly, he should be trying to make things better, not worse.  Where do you find a lawyer like that?  You won't find many of them, but you will find one in my office - me.  I want to represent you in your divorce.  I'm good at it, and I'm a Family Law Attorney.  I'll be good for you and I'll get you what you want.  Just browse around my site while you're here.  I'm betting you'll conclude that I'm not bragging.

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