Law Office of Stan Prowse - Testimonials

On Aug 24, 2013 we attended the State of the City Luncheon, Carlsbad.  

One of the presenters was Davis White from GOOGLE. Davis is their Communications Manager, (Global Communications and Public Affairs, Google studied all cities through out California and awarded the prize for the very first time to the "City of Carlsbad" for being the best well run and most beautiful city in California. (Carlsbad's rating recently changed to AAA+.)

Davis presented the award to Mayor Matt Hall. 
I spoke to Davis White and  told him that we were GOOGLE clients. I asked him if he would mind posing for a picture with Stan and me so that we could add it to our web site. He thought that it was a great idea. 

Joy Prowse

Client: Sheila Maes

To: Stanley Prowse

Stan made me at ease when I consulted with him about a divorce.  He was very calm in explaining the process to me.  Stan will be here if I need him.

Sheila Maes

Client: Emilye Margaret Hart
Stanley Prowse

Stan was very helpful and honest.  He quickly gave me an answer to my insurance problem and told me what I should do.  I was very happy with my consultation.  I will definitely consult with him again if I have any more legal problems. 

Emilye Margaret Hart

Client: Tanya Lorraine
To: Stanley Prowse

Stan helped me sort out a landlord-tenant dispute.  He helped clarify the law and explain my tenant rights.  Overall it was a great experience meeting with Stan.

Tanya Lorraine

Client: Nora and Ken Cabaong
To: Stanley Prowse

We plan on taking Auto Connection in Mission Valley to court for false representation and concealing information.  Stan gave us clear and concise information and pointed us in the right direction on how to proceed with our case.  If we run into any future legal issues, Stan will be our first choice for consultation.

Thank You!

Nora and Ken Cabaong

Client: Nancy Gentry
To: Stanley Prowse

I had purchased a 2011 used car.  The dealer told me it had been a rental car and I thought I was getting a great deal on it since it only had 14,000 miles on it.  I only had the car for 2 plus months when it stalled and completely stopped working.  There was some major damage to the car which wasn’t listed on Carfax.  The dealer wouldn’t admit there was any previous damages to the car.  I felt hopeless.  I looked in the phone book for a civil lit attorney and found Stan.   I don’t feel so hopeless anymore after my visit with Stan.  I am very grateful for his advice and will certainly follow it.

Nancy Gentry

Client: Gail Evans
Stanley Prowse

I was a former client of Stan and I needed to talk to Stan before I moved.  Stan took his time in listening to my problem and researching the law.  I saved a lot in emotional trauma and legal fees and put my concerns to rest.  Stan is brilliant in knowing what he does and he really calms you down when you are unsure about your legal rights.  I’d highly recommend Stan to anyone.

Gail Evans

Client: Jean Niggli
Stanley Prowse

Stan helped me with some real estate problems in purchasing one house and selling another.  I had problems with our realtor and closing the transaction.  Ms. Prowse was really helpful and made us feel relaxed and spoke in a very professional manner.  Stan got to our problem quickly and helped us by referring us to the forms we need to complete.

Client: Josh Ciardelli
Stanley Prowse

Stan gave me some great advice regarding a business decision and foreclosure on my house.  I got free advice, got all my questions answers and left feeling confident in the decision I came to.  Stan was pleasant and easy to understand.

Josh Ciardelli

Client: Anita Gurns
Stanley Prowse

Stan answered all my questions that I had regarding my divorce judgment so that I can make a decision about what to do in the future.  The steps I need to take are a lot clearer to me now.  I’m looking forward to resolving these issues now that I’ve consulted with Mr. Prowse.  I will definitely recommend Stan to my friends and relatives.

Anita Gurns

Client: Madelaine Aspenson
Stanley Prowse

Mr. Prowse reviewed my court file and provided accurate and helpful advice.  I had a lot of questions and he answered all of them.  Mr. Prowse gave me his honest opinion about where my case stands.  I now have a much clearer picture of my situation.

Madelaine Aspenson

Client: Jeffrey Haines
To: Stanley Prowse

Stan was a great help. I have a windmill I own in Coachella Valley and I was wondering how to sell it for a fair price. Stan answered all my questions. He was focused and as good as it gets. I wish I had the money to have him handle my case.

Jeffrey Haines

Client: Armando Armenta
To: Stanley Prowse

I had an issue relating to real estate and divorce.  Stan was terrific In helping figure out what needs to happen to get my issue resolved.  He gave me the best advice and I am extremely satisfied with his services.  He was smooth, efficient, friendly, and professional.  It was a nice change of pace of what I had expected going to an attorney’s office.

Armando Armenta

Client: Tamiko Gomez
Stanley Prowse

I had questions regarding a Quitclaim Deed to change the tile of my property.  I wasn’t sure how to do it so I made an appointment with Stan.  I had tried calling title companies and they couldn’t tell me how to do it.  Stan advised me how to do it.  He was very nice and pleasant and I would recommend him to anyone.  If I need any legal advice I will come back to see Stan.

Tamiko Gomez

Client: Rod Laver
To: Stanley Prowse

I saw Stan because I needed a letter sent to Australia to obtain an Australian business license number.  I was very happy with the result.  Stan was helpful in getting the necessary documents and writing the letter.


Rod Laver

Client: Dustin La Desma
To: Stanley Prowse

I came to see Mr. Prowse about a child custody and visitation matter.  Mr. Prowse listened to my long story and sorted out all the details in order to get an accurate understanding of my situation.  He looked at the whole picture and gave me the best advice on how to proceed.  If I need further assistance I will return to see him in the future.

Thannk you,

Dustin La Desma

Client: Alice Hutchings
To: Stanley Prowse

I came to see Stanley Prowse about the process involved in an Unlawful Detainer action.  He was very helpful and answered all of my questions.  He was very kind and polite.  I will return to Mr. Prowse for future services if they are needed.  I was also able to get an appointment the same day I called his office.

Thank you,

Alice Hutchings

Client: Sherry Larson
To: Stanley Prowse

Stan has been very helpful to my friends and family over the years.  My close friend came to see Stan after his wife was going to leave him.  My friend wanted to know what his rights were and Stan gave him sound advice that put his mind at ease.  Stan also helped another close friend of mine with a real estate matter and insurance claim.

I recently saw Stan after I lent a relative money to buy a home.  Stan was very helpful in explaining what needed to be done legally to ensure that the loan was done properly and I would have collateral.  His assistant, Brendan, prepared a Deed of Trust in order to secure payment on the loan.

I feel comfortable with Stan and trust him and his staff to take care of my interests, as well as the interests of my friends and family.

Sherry Larson

Client: Lana Marie Burnette
To: Stanley Prowse




There was water damage to an investment property I had recently purchased and I was wondering who was responsible.  Mr. Prowse advised me I probably did not have a claim against the realtors I had hired.  He suggested I check the property’s water bills the past year before I purchased the property to see if there was a spike in the water usage.  He also gave me the phone number to a water damage detection expert.  Mr. Prowse was very friendly and knowledgeable and I will recommend him to my friends and family should they have any legal problems.  The Lawyer Referral Service of the North County Bar Association recommended Mr. Prowse to me and I am very satisfied with the recommendation.

Lana Marie Burnette

Client: Sandy Frieder
To: Stanley Prowse

I saw Stan because I was thinking of filing for divorce.  Stan helped me understand the divorce process and gave me direction on how to proceed.  He gave me really good advice to make it easier for me to make a final decision.  He was very nice and easy to talk to.  I was able to make an appointment to see Stan the same day I called his office.

Client: Dyan Gold
To:Stanley Prowse

My experience with Mr. Prowse made me feel like I felt like I could call him by his first name, Stan, right away. He was very informative and knowledgeable. He and his staff are very warm and personable. This was my first visit to an attorney and he set my mind at ease immediately. I would return in a minute and I would recommend him to anybody. I had Stan review a real estate settlement agreement and he was able to read and explain the contract in fifteen minutes as promised. There was no charge for Stan's services. I'm sorry I am only able to give Stan five stars as I would gladly give him ten stars, even twenty stars! I'm left with my shoulders lower and a smile on my face.

Thank you,

Dyan Gold

Client: Caryn Sanders
To: Stanley Prowse

I had a collection contract I didn’t want to sign that I had questions about.  Mr. Prowse reviewed the contract and he recommended that I obtain an appraisal of my jewelry because it would probably come in less than the contract stated I should pay.  He suggested I do this so I can pay off the collection agency and give the jewelry back to Ben Bridge.

Mr. Prowse had an honest face in his Yellowpages advertisement and he gave me his honest opinion when I came to see him.  He was straight to the point and I received more advice than I figured I would get.  My former attorney was not as blunt and forthcoming in telling me how to solve my problem.  Mr. Prowse did what my previous attorney failed to do.  I am very happy with Mr. Prowse’s advice and would recommend him to my friends and family.


Caryn Sanders

Client: Alice White
To: Stanley Prowse

Thank you Stan, Brendan, and Joy. My experience at the Law Offices of Stanley D. Prowse was a one day miracle. It was a pleasure to spend only a few minutes with an attorney who knew what they were doing. I came back the same day and received my prepared QDRO. I had been trying to file my QDRO with the court, but the form was rejected by the court and they told me to seek legal assistance. I appreciate the kind service and friendly atmosphere at the right price. I would recommend Stan to my friends. I will certainly come back to see Stan if I need his services again.

Thank you again!

Alice White

Client: Karrie Walker
To: Stanley Prowse

Thank you Stan. I never thought I would need legal assistance. When I did I called three of the top San Diego lawyers and made appointments. Stan was my first appointment. After our meeting, I knew I had found the perfect representation and cancelled the other two appointments. Professionalism, honesty, integrity and I could go on and on describing my experience with Stan and the Law Office staff. He truly protected my interests and empowered me along the way. I highly recommend the Law Offices of Stanley D. Prowse.


Karrie Walker

Client: Kenneth Young
To: Stanley Prowse

Very pleasant and knowledgable, Mr. Prowse offered sound advice regarding a Deed in Lieu contract. I will consult him with any real estate needs that might arise in the future.


Kenneth Young

Client: Terry L. Ridge
To: Stanley Prowse

Dear Mr. Prowse,

Please allow me the opportunity to thank you for your service at our meeting yesterday, July 26, 2005. I am uncomfortable in contentious situations, especially one in which I am fighting for what I believe rightfully belongs to me. Our meeting and your paramount honesty and professionalism went an enormous distance to calm my anxiety in the matter we discussed. I sincerely appreciate your pragmatic approach to this issue and will certainly pursue the avenues you suggested in getting this issue resolved.

As I mentioned I am in the process of acquiring the funds necessary to file the complaint we discussed. In any event and with any outcome, I believe you fully support by best interests and for that I thank you very, very much.

I will be contacting your office in a matter of days so that we may move forward with the complaint.

I look forward to working with you in this matter and will make every effort to provide any information you need to fully serve the purpose of this complaint.

Thank you once again. It was indeed a pleasure to meet you.

Very sincerely,

Terry L. Ridge

Client: Jenny Biddle

To: Stanley Prowse

Words cannot express how you gave me new hope for attorneys that are kind, honest, helpful, not rushing me, and really, really, knowing your work. You have helped me greatly and it has been a joy and honor to have had you help me today with my complex situation.

I will be seeing you again very shortly with some other legal problem.

Your Client and Friend,

Jenny Biddle

Client: Dean
To: Stanley Prowse

"Merry Christmas! If you wish you may include the following in your list of testimonials used on your website. In our recent meeting I was given excellent information by Stan Prowse concerning construction law. My legal options were outlined and I was given detailed statute references in order to make an informed decision. Mr. Prowse explained the law in layman's terms making it easy to understand and along with his staff was very cordial."

Thank you very much.


Client: Marilyn Graf
To: Stanley Prowse, Joy Prowse and Jeremy Alcarion

"Thank you so very much for seeing me yesterday at such short notice. I appreciate your kindness, honesty, knowledge and expertise. I only wish I would have found you in the beginning. Jeremy, thank you for faxing me the research. I appreciate all the work you did."

Gracefully yours,

Marilyn Graf

Client: Brien and Theresa Van De Veere
To: Stanley Prowse

We had some questions regarding a neighbor’s dog causing problems.  We consulted with Stan in order to get some advice whether it’s worth pursuing a case.  He advised us that we should have to take it to small claims court if we were to do it and advised us it would cost too much to be worth.  He was very knowledgeable and we got exactly the advice we were looking for.

Brien and Theresa Van De Veere

Client: Lorraine Kratz
To: Stanley Prowse

I wish to thank you for the time, which you were so generous in giving, when I needed information on the inquires I had on starting up a corporation S or C. I am awaiting information from Mr. ___________ so that I can meet with him to go over my estate planning. As soon as I can get my estate in order I will have a better plan of action on the corporation situation.

Also, I would like to pay your receptionist a compliment, she was from the moment that I entered your office, a professional and she made my mother and I very comfortable.


Lorraine Kratz

Client Quote: Jef W. Everhart
To: Joy Prowse

If I am unavailable to handle my lawsuit pro per I will definitely retain your husband to alleviate my legal issue. He clearly is incredibly knowledgeable and he listened very extensively to everything that I had to say. I truly appreciate the courtesy of meeting with your husband and the recommendations that he kindly extended me.

Jef W. Everhart

Client: Roy Rivera
To: Stanley Prowse

"I would like to thank you and your staff for all the assistance in my divorce.  I hope I don’t run into this problem again down the road but will come back to your office if needed.  And for any other legal matter as well."

Thank you!    Roy Rivera

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