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Small family facing divorce and child support issues

If a divorcing couple has minor children, child support will be one of the main issues in their divorce. 

Here are five things to remember about how child support works.
To find out how much you will pay or receive, someone has to do the following five things:

1.  Determine Custody.

  • Joint legal and joint physical
  • Joint legal, sole physical, visitation
  • Sole legal, sole physical, visitation
  • “Primary residence” ?

2.  Determine a parenting plan

  • Holiday schedule
  • School breaks (year ‘round?)
  • Summer

3.  Calculate time share

  • Partial days
  • School days
  • More time supporting parent has, the lower the payments

4.  Determine income

  • Employees with regular paychecks – easy
  • Self-employed – difficult
  • Commissions and bonuses

5.  Adjusting the computer’s figure

  • Front end – impute income
  • Back end – “add-ons”

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