Carlsbad Business Journal April 2013

Carlsbad Business Journal - April 2013

Great service, experience and a sense of humor

By Stanley D. Prowse
Apr 01, 2013 

Lawyers are a dime a dozen. Why choose me? Some clients come to me after firing another lawyer. One complaint is, ‘The lawyer was impossible to get hold of.’ You will be able to get hold of me. I’ll talk to you when you call. If you email, I’ll respond promptly. Another complaint is, ‘He never explained anything.’ I’ll explain the law and discuss alternative courses of action. You’ll understand the program.

Then there’s, ‘They treated me like dirt.’ Not here. You’ll receive courtesy and respect. We work for you, not vice versa. We worry about you, so you can stop worrying. And I have a sense of humor, seemingly rare in my profession.

Do I know what I’m doing? There are diplomas on my wall from impressive schools, ending with a JD from Harvard. You can be confident that my analytical and communication skills are excellent. I’m proficient at my desk and in court. Winning is good.

I’ve done this more than 30 years, partly in large law firms, partly as house counsel for a public company, and now as a sole practitioner (you get me, not an associate). 

Most of my work is dispute resolution and transaction documentation in four areas of law - divorce (as a Certified Family Law Specialist), business, real estate, and construction. I’m experienced in all of them, and they overlap, giving you a competitive advantage. I’d like to be your lawyer.

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