California Construction Law 

California Construction Law "My extensive experience in real estate law has proved invaluable in dealing with construction cases.  Thorough investigation and analysis are fundamental aspects of construction litigation where the goal is a favorable outcome for our clients".    Stan Prowse

Complex Construction Defect Litigation

Complex Construction Defect Litigation If you are a contractor involved in a large project going sour, pleasecall us  immediately.  If you are sued, you must tender the defense of the claim to your insurance carrier, which in most cases will be legally required to accept the tender, and at its expense hire a lawyer to defend you.

Mechanics Liens

Mechanics Lien Cases Whether you are a general contractor, subcontractor or homowner experiencing difficulty with payments for improvements on a home, please give us a call.

We have a great deal of experince in resolving mechanics lien cases.

Enforcing and Defending Mechanics Lien Claims

Enforcing and Defending Mechanics Lien Claims The best defense a property owner has against a mechanics lien claim is not to get one in the first place. 

If you have received a lien against your property we have the background and experience that can help. Please give us a call.

Construction law  has always interested me.  As a kid I played in every house being built in the neighborhood, much to my mother’s dismay, and learned how they were put together.  I’m also good with my hands and can visualize a building in 3D from a set of plans.  All of this has proved helpful in dealing with construction cases where substandard workmanship  is at the bottom of the dispute.  Thorough investigation and analysis are fundamental aspects of construction litigation .  In residential construction there are two major obstacles to achieving a happy ending for the homeowner.  The first is what seems to be an almost congenital refusal on the part of remodelers and other contractors to acknowledge that anything is wrong with what they’ve done, no matter how sloppy the work.  The second is the difficulty of obtaining a result that makes economic sense.  Proving the work is substandard requires proving what the standard is, which in turn requires an expert witness.  Good ones are hard to find and expensive, and every defect is a mini-lawsuit  within the overall lawsuit.  As a result, trying these cases can easily turn out to cost as much as it would take to redo the work, and a contractor facing a substantial judgment  may go bankrupt or have no assets you can find.  The challenge in most of these cases is making a realistic analysis of the cost of demolition and repair, compared to the cost of litigation  and the likelihood that a favorable judgment can be collected, then deciding whether a lawsuit would mean throwing good money after bad. Pinit

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