Family Law Specialist and Divorce Attorney

Family Law Specialist and Divorce Attorney

Few situation in life are as difficult as a divorce  or more accurately dissolution of a marriage or domestic partnership.

In the state of California, Family Law  and the specific divorce laws specify that husbands, wives, and domestic partners have the right to dissolve their marriages or domestic partnerships on the basis of irreconcilable differences.

As your divorce attorney we understand the issues you face regarding child custody  or spousal support , community property  or previously established premarital agreements .

As your family law attorney  It is always our goal to represent you, our client with the best outcome and your wishes as our primary focus during your divorce.

Business Law Specialist, Corporations, Partnerships and LLC'sBusiness Law Specialist, Corporations, Partnerships and LLC's

Whether you are forming a Corporation , dealing with Partnership issues or concerned about limiting your liability through the structuring of an LLC, Limited Liability Corporation , San Diego attorney Stan Prowse has the experience and background needed to deal with complex property issues while providing sound and reliable legal advise.

Whether you are selling or purchasing a business, arranging buy / sell agreements , dealing with difficult employee or workplace issues or facing a law suit we are here to protect your assets and guide you through the mine field of California business law.
California Real Estate law specialists

Real Estate Law Specialist

From commercial office buildings to residential homes, we can help you with all your California Real Estate legal needs and problems.

If you are a Landlord you know how difficult it can be to avoid a law suit with it's origins centered around California's consumer protection and anti deficiency laws.

We possess the legal background and experience needed to help you manage your rental agreements with confidence while avoiding potentially costly litigation or difficult evictions.
construction law litigation specialists

Construction Law

We specialize in construction litigation on behalf of owners of commercial buildings and custom homes.

We also assist contractors and subcontractors in collecting their receivables. Stop notice and mechanic's lien procedures are highly technical - without professional assistance, you may not prevail.

Attorney Stan Prowse is highly experienced in the many issues found in the construction industry and is ready to help owners, general contractors and subcontractors stay on track with your commitments and avoiding costly litigation while enforcing and defending mechanics lien claims .
Civil litigation and lawsuit needs are our business

Civil litigation

Attorney Stanley D. Prowse as a trial lawyer is fully qualified to represent you in all of your civil litigation  and lawsuit needs .

Our philosophy as your legal attorney is to do our very best to help you accomplish your legal goals with as little stress and expense as possible.

In litigation matters, including mediation and arbitration , we will provide candid evaluation and zealous advocacy. We will also keep you fully informed of all your legal rights. As a trial lawyer we have extensive experience in litigation within all of our areas of practice.

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