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One afternoon many years ago in New York City, I sat in a senior partner's office on Wall Street.  I was fresh from my second year of law school and close to the end of a summer internship at Milibank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy, one of the oldest and most prestigious law firms in the United States.  The senior partner was John J. McCloy, a renowned lawyer.  He was also the former United States High Commissioner of Germany following World War II and a former head of the Central Intelligence Agency.  And he was a good story teller.

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I was privileged to spend most of the afternoon with Mr. McCloy.  I was fascinated by all the things he had seen and done, and he rewarded my interest with his personal recollections and thoughts. Inevitably we came to what should be expected of a lawyer.

Mr. McCloy said: “People will come to you with their problems looking for advice, and they’ll pay you for it.  Don’t wishy wash around with, ‘on the one hand and on the other.’  Tell them what they should do.  That’s why you’re there.”

In Atlanta, Georgia a year later a dozen fledgling lawyers, including me, listened to Philip Alston’s remarks welcoming us to Alson, Miller & Gaines.  Mr. Philip, as he was referred to by everyone, was a distinguished lawyer and a Southern gentleman.  The firm is now Alston & Bird, one of the largest in the world. 

Mr. Philip said this:  “We practice good law here.  We want you to do the same.” All of us knew what he meant.   We would know the law, we would be honest, we would give the firm’s clients sound advice and we would represent them aggressively.  At the same time we would be as polished and gracious as Mr. Philip.

My mission rests on those two encounters with two great lawyers.  I will know the law.  I will be scrupulously honest.  I will not leave clients with a list of options and no idea of which one to choose.  I will tell them which one is best, and I will tell them what they should do.  My advice will be prudent and economical.  I will pursue their interests zealously.  And I will behave like a gentleman, to my clients and to my professional friends and foes alike.

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Divorce Attorney

A couple separated facing divorce. Few situations in life are as difficult as a divorce  or dissolution of a marriage or domestic partnership. California Family Law   specifies that husbands, wives, and domestic partners have the right to dissolve their marriages or domestic partnerships on the basis of irreconcilable differences.

As your divorce lawyer  I believe it is my specific responsibility to not only ensure you understand the specifics of family law as they pertain to you, but to also represent your interests for the best outcome possible during a difficult time.

Many times a divorce is not limited to family issues only. Under California family law all property is considered community property unless it is previously covered under a premarital agreement . This is inclusive of all property including real estate and businesses unless ownership is specifically covered under some other legally binding documentation.

As a real estate attorney  and business lawyer  the Law Office of Stanley Prowse is perfectly prepared to handle these types of complex divorce cases. Not only do we have thirty years of legal experience we also possess the educational background and determination to ensure you receive the best representation possible under the law.

Family Lawyer

Family Law The Law Office of Stanley Prowse is certified by California as a Family Law Specialist. This means we have invested the time necessary to be completely proficient in California family law as it pertains to critical issues such as child custody and child support, community property or previously established premarital agreements. We have done this because it is our belief that we should know the law and how to use it to the best benefit of our clients.

As your family law attorney  I understand the concerns you face regarding your children and the potential difficulties obtaining child support or spousal support .

Our commitment to you as your family lawyer  is to listen, and place your wishes for your family first as our primary focus. Often living situations during and after a divorce can change and we are prepared to help you adjust and maintain the care and financial well being of your family.

Child Custody and Child Support

Child Support The California court system calculates child support orders  to be both fair and consistent to both parties in a divorce. Our job is to ensure that your particular situation is considered accurately to produce child support that is both awarded and provided without constraint.

Often the court will award both parents joint child custody  unless circumstances make this custody solution impractical. It is up to your child custody lawyer to accurately provide to family court services the correct and detailed information upon which a child support recommendation is made. Modifying a child support order as circumstances change is possible but in order to do this the evaluation process performed by family court services must be completed based upon the new information. This can present a real challenge for military service members and their family law attorney.

Your Business Lawyer

Business Lawyer As with many aspects of life, business dealings can produce unexpected results and some decisions may contain less then favorable outcomes for all involved. It may be true that difficulties produce growth, but it is also true that being prepared to face difficulties with knowledge and information is only prudent.

As a business lawyer  practicing law for over 30 years I would like to believe I have seen it all, and yet life still occasionally surprises me. When it comes to the law however there is no need for surprises. Our job is to stand by our clients and provide them with sound advice, accurate information and a tenacity of will to aggressively represent them.

Whether you are selling or purchasing a business, dealing with difficult employee or workplace issues or facing a lawsuit, we are here to protect your assets and guide you through the minefield of California business law.

Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation Our philosophy as your civil litigation attorney  is to do our very best to help you accomplish your legal goals with as little stress and expense as possible.

In litigation matters , including mediation and arbitration , we will provide candid evaluation and zealous advocacy. We will also keep you fully informed of all your legal rights. As a trial lawyer  we have extensive experience in litigation within all of our areas of practice.

Thirty years of legal experience in multiple practice areas becomes particularly helpful when faced with complex cases involving numerous individuals such as in a business or family dispute. Our goal is always the successful resolution of your case with the best possible outcome.

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